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Private Label

As an internationally renowned developer and manufacturer of Private Label products, our goal is to make the process of developing and manufacturing the brand accessible to the customer. We will create a unique line of products together with you, according to your requirements and budgetary constraints

The path to your own private label has five stages:

  • 01

    Preliminary specification of the private label
    The place where anyone can manage anyone

    During the initial meeting we will go over the project and business vision. Together we will define the marketing concept, objectives and budget. We will consult and assist you in developing a line of products that matches your requirements and needs

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    ייצור קוסמטיקה למותג פרטי
  • 02

    Choosing the right products for you
    Bio Direct will guide and assist you in choosing

    Bio Direct’s experts will direct and assist you in choosing the products that are best suited to your requirements – including selecting and incorporating active and quality raw materials that will give the planned label added value. We will present you with laboratory samples that were prepared especially for you, to get an initial impression

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    פרייבט לייבל למוצרי קוסמטיקה
  • 03

    Choosing a Fragrance
    The place where anyone can manage anyone

    When it comes to cosmetic products, fragrance is the most significant factor. We will present you with a huge variety of fragrances. If needed, we will connect you with suppliers of quality perfumes who will present you with top trends in Israel and worldwide

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    הקמת מותג פרטי
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    Selecting the Packaging
    The place where anyone can manage anyone

    The quality of the product packaging and the convenience of use are a main component in every marketing process – especially in the cosmetics industry. At Bio Direct we will present you with a variety of high quality packaging solutions, including samples of packaging designed for cosmetic products. Matching the package to the nature of the brand, the budget, product volume and your personal vision – that’s our specialty

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    פרייבט לייבל - private label cosmetics
  • 05

    Branding, Design and Labels
    The place where anyone can manage anyone

    One of the main keys to the success of a product line, is in the visual design of the brand. We will connect you to leading suppliers who will design the brand and determine a uniform graphic language. Designing the brand label, packaging or general design of the actual brand – presenting you with all the options available to you, makes all the difference

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