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Face Care Products

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As a company that provides a complete and comprehensive range of solutions for its customers, Bio Direct will assist you on the way to creating your own private label. These are the face care products that we do best

  • Face Cream

    Face Cream - All Skin Types

    Bio Direct’s R&D labs have unique formulas for creating face creams for you at the perfect texture and fragrance, suitable for all types of facial skin
  • קוסמטיקה לפנים

    Face Cream with SPF

    Bio Direct specializes in creating face cream that includes a Sun Protection Factor. An all-in-one product
  • שמן טיפוח

    Multipurpose Serum

    The serums we manufacture contain a high concentration of active ingredients in a molecular structure that enables the active ingredients to be absorbed by the deep layers of the skin
  • קרם הזנה

    Assorted Facial Masks

    A high quality face mask rich in vitamins and minerals is one of the most sought-after products in the cosmetics industry in general and in every private label in particular
  • מוצרי טיפוח לפנים

    Night Cream

    In contrast to a face cream intended for use throughout the day, night creams have different concentrations of vitamins, minerals, textures and consistencies. Bio Direct will make your night a whole lot better
  • מוצרי טיפוח פנים

    Eye Cream

    Bio Direct specializes in developing and manufacturing therapeutic eye cream. The diversity of our solutions makes it possible to suit the eye cream to a wide variety of skin types


Your very own line of face cream products
Are you interested in a line of face creams that are specially suited to your customers? We’d be happy to have you visit on route to your own private label

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We Believe in Uncompromising Quality and Credibility

As a leading production plant in the industry that provides services to international cosmetic companies, we are proud to meet the most stringent quality standards – on route to your own private label

  • Bio Direct has all the services required to develop and manufacture a private label, all under one roof

  • Bio Direct meets all the strictest ISO standards, in Israel and abroad

  • Bio Direct offers a variety of solutions for every stage of development and manufacturing of your private label

  • Bio Direct’s experts work hand in hand with the customers at every step of the way – from the conceptual stage, through to development and manufacturing, and up to branding and distribution