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Special Products

Making Your Dream Come True Together

In a competitive market you also need to think outside the box, which is why Bio Direct offers the line of special products that focus on treating and caring for facial skin

  • קרם פרייבט לייבל

    Dual Phase Makeup Remover

    A hypoallergenic makeup remover for all types of makeup from Bio Direct’s special line of skin care products, offers a dual phase formula that is rich in minerals and dissolves seamlessly
  • קרם פנים מזין

    Pearl Peeling Mask

    The pearl peel mask is rich in natural extracts, vitamins and pearl powder, is suitable for all skin types, eliminates dead cells, lightens, smooths, and thoroughly cleanses the skin
  • פילינג סוכר לגוף

    Sugar Peeling

    An advanced facial peel developed after years of research and development, has all the natural benefits of sugar with the addition of essential oils for healthier and more vital skin
  • קרם הגנה לשפתיים

    Lip Scrub Polish

    Dry lips require special treatment. Our special line includes a polish unique to dry lips that eliminates dead skin cells and leaves lips soft
  • מסכת בוץ לפנים

    Mud Magnet Mask

    A mud magnet mask is intended to thoroughly treat facial skin. The mask contains iron, diamond powder, olive oil and shea butter at just the right amount that has been proven to be immensely effective
  • מייקאפ פרייבט לייבל

    Tinted Moisturizer

    Three benefits of Bio Direct’s tinted moisturizer: moisturizer for vital skin, SPF to protect, and a high quality foundation
  • קרם הגנה ושיזוף

    Tanning Lotion

    A tanning lotion that is based on the highest quality raw materials, protects the skin from dryness, contains soothing ingredients and gives a perfect tanning shade


Your very own line of unique premium products
Are you interested in a line of unique premium products that are specially suited to your customers? We’d be happy to have you visit on route to your own private label

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We Believe in Uncompromising Quality and Credibility

As a leading production plant in the industry that provides services to international cosmetic companies, we are proud to meet the most stringent quality standards – on route to your own private label

  • Bio Direct has all the services required to develop and manufacture a private label, all under one roof

  • Bio Direct meets all the strictest ISO standards, in Israel and abroad

  • Bio Direct offers a variety of solutions for every stage of development and manufacturing of your private label

  • Bio Direct’s experts work hand in hand with the customers at every step of the way – from the conceptual stage, through to development and manufacturing, and up to branding and distribution