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  • מוצרי קוסמטיקה לפנים
    Bio Direct develops and manufactures face care products for leading cosmetics and beauty brands in a wide variety of textures and fragrances, including, face masks, day and night creams, makeup removers, eye cream, serums, and more
  • קרם גוף
    The body care products manufactured by Bio Direct for private labels and global cosmetics brands, are characterized by extensive use of vitamins and oils that improve the appearance of the skin - according to specific specifications and formulas
  • מוצרי טיפוח לגוף מים המלח
    Bio Direct has a unique production line that focuses on skin care and beauty products based on the health properties of the Dead Sea. Our R&D labs develop formulas based on Dead Sea mud, which is rich in minerals, the unique Shemen Amour and more
  • מוצרי ספא לפנים
    Bio Direct manufactures various and diverse spa products meant to care for and improve the sin’s appearance - with special care given to the quality of the raw materials, the complexes, the formulas, and the product’s purpose. There are two main categories of spa products: spa products for the end customer at home, and spa products for work at a spa
  • מוצרי טיפוח לגוף
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  • מסכה לעור הפנים
    Bio Direct manufactures products for cosmeticians and hair stylists, and of course for companies specializing in marketing products for professionals, unique cosmetic and beauty products that are perfectly suited to the industry’s needs. As a company that waves the “one-stop-shop” flag, we offer our customers R&D labs, design and branding departments, production lines, filling, logistics and shipping
  • שפתון הזנה לשפתיים
    Bio Direct, as an internationally renowned manufacturing plant, is among the only ones in the world that operates a research and development lab based on work methods to develop unique formulas with countless options of textures, fragrances, and specific purposes. Our labs are a real added value of quality for our customers - while meeting all the requirements of the Ministry of Health and strict international standards


  • What do I need to do in order to manufacture a cosmetic product for me (private label)?

    Bio Direct specializes in manufacturing a wide variety of cosmetic and beauty products. Bio Direct’s business philosophy offers its customers all the required services, from A to Z, to create a private label – from advanced research and development labs specializing in developing and adapting formulas, to identifying new trends worldwide, and up to product branding and design, production lines, filling, logistics and shipping. Making your dream come true is what we specialize in.

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  • Does Bio Direct manufacture any cosmetic product the customer requests?

    Bio Direct, as an internationally renown company in the beauty and cosmetics industry, offers its customers a wide variety of solutions to manufacture cosmetic and beauty products with different and diverse textures and fragrances. Bio Direct has over 30 years of cumulative experience working with the top international brands in the industry

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  • How long does it take to manufacture and establish a cosmetic product line?

    Bio Direct provides an extensive range of solutions and ongoing assistance for all the manufacturing stages. The initial stages are the most important, which is why Bio Direct has its own R&D labs – a procedure that saves valuable time. The same goes for the later processes. Each customer is assisted by the best professionals in their fields, at every stage of the way. The objectives and schedules are determined together with the customer and according to the type and complexity of the product

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  • Does Bio Direct, which serves as a manufacturing plant for global cosmetic brands, develop and manufacture private labels also for small businesses, hair stylists and cosmeticians?

    Absolutely. Bio Direct enables and offers every hair stylist, beauty salon, spa, cosmetician, etc. all the tools to develop and create their own private labels that are unique to them

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