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Spa Products

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Bio Direct offers you a unique line of spa products so that the end customer will enjoy the quality treatment and daily skin care

  • מוצרי ספא מים המלח

    Salt Body Scrub

    With Bio Direct you can market a salt body scrub that complements your brand’s exclusive image and marketing
  • חמאת גוף ספא

    Body Cream

    A body cream from Bio Direct’s spa series is a one of a kind experience that symbolizes health, quality, and of course, boutique, professional and personal skin care
  • חמאת גוף

    Body Butter

    A body butter product developed by our R&D lab in the spa product line, nourishes the skin, restores its vitality and gives a wonderful sensation of comfort and softness
  • ג'ל רחצה

    Shower Gel

    A shower gel from our spa product line has just the right texture and fragrance. The shower gel from the spa product line complements your brand’s exclusive image and marketing
  • קרם רחצה

    Shower Cream

    Shower cream with added moisture for deep nourishment and soothing of the skin, based on formulas developed especially for the spa product line at the Bio Direct labs
  • קצף גוף לספא

    Bubble Bath

    Scented bubble bath, enriched with herbal extracts, vitamins and antioxidants for gentle cleansing and enrichment of the skin, is an inseparable part of our spa product line
  • סבון פילינג

    Peeling Soap

    Your own brand’s exfoliating soap provides the end customer with all the benefits of professional skin care products at a spa, suited for home use
  • חלב אמבט

    Bath Milk

    A bath milk enriched with natural herbal extracts, oils, vitamins and minerals, will give the skin a pampering cleansing experience in a soft and velvety texture for a perfect luxurious feeling
  • שמן אמבט מתחלב

    Emulsifying Bath Oil

    Emulsifying bath oil, a premium product from Bio Direct’s spa line, changes its texture during use into a pampering milky foam that helps cleanse and enrich the skin


Your very own line of spa products
Are you interested in a line of spa products that are specially suited to your customers? We’d be happy to have you visit on route to your own private label

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We Believe in Uncompromising Quality and Credibility

As a leading production plant in the industry that provides services to international cosmetic companies, we are proud to meet the most stringent quality standards – on route to your own private label

  • Bio Direct has all the services required to develop and manufacture a private label, all under one roof

  • Bio Direct meets all the strictest ISO standards, in Israel and abroad

  • Bio Direct offers a variety of solutions for every stage of development and manufacturing of your private label

  • Bio Direct’s experts work hand in hand with the customers at every step of the way – from the conceptual stage, through to development and manufacturing, and up to branding and distribution