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The quality of the finished product is measured by production and filling

Bio Direct’s production lines were specially developed and adapted to the company’s needs and nature of the products.
The factory has advanced filling equipment for bottles, jars, hot filling, and tubes.
The semi-automatic and automatic fluid filling lines supply over one million bottles per year.
Bio Direct uses quality raw materials to manufacture cosmetic preparations that meet all the required standards – including the quality assurance GMP – ISO 22716 standard – which gives the quality of the products manufactured at Bio Direct a premium rating.

ייצור מוצרי קוסמטיקה

In the cosmetics industry, each stage of the production and filling process are important for the quality of the finished product.
Bio Direct takes special care with every link in the production and filling chain.
For us, production and filling is a work of art.
The advanced production techniques are documented in order to reach an in-depth resolution until the highest quality finished product is obtained.
We maintain the highest standards for our production lines while conducting quality tests in real time and preserving the properties of the product, including color, texture, viscosity, batch stamping, and more.
The ongoing control and inspection procedures on the production and filling lines include a long line of processes, such as testing the integrity of packages and labels and a continuous follow-up by designated quality inspectors for each of the production stages – from the production line teams, to the filling team, and the packaging teams.
Bio Direct’s advanced filling equipment makes it possible to provide customers with a wide range of filling solutions.
Bottles, jars and tubes, fluid filling or hot filling with an annual production capability of one million bottles.


Our Diverse Solutions
Do you want to observe our unique production and filling processes? We’d be happy to have you visit on route to your own private label

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We Believe in Uncompromising Quality and Credibility

As a leading production plant in the industry that provides services to international cosmetic companies, we are proud to meet the most stringent quality standards – on route to your own private label

  • Bio Direct has all the services required to develop and manufacture a private label, all under one roof

  • Bio Direct meets all the strictest ISO standards, in Israel and abroad

  • Bio Direct offers a variety of solutions for every stage of development and manufacturing of your private label

  • Bio Direct’s experts work hand in hand with the customers at every step of the way – from the conceptual stage, through to development and manufacturing, and up to branding and distribution