We develop cosmetics products into
a choreography of scents & textures


It all starts with chemistry

As a company that provides a complete, comprehensive set of services to its customers, from the concept through the manufacturing stage, Bio Direct operates its own independent, leading research and development laboratory. The company can therefore provide products of an international standard, as it constantly strives for ongoing innovation and leadership in providing creative solutions for the cosmetics industry.

מחקר ופיתוח מוצרי קוסמטיקה

Where Experience Meets Innovation

Bio Direct’s R&D division has more than three decades of experience in the engineering, development and formula fields, and its detailed knowledge base and wide range of advanced raw materials enables it to create products that suit all requirements and needs. Every year, Bio Direct produces dozens of innovative product types using the latest technology combined with a variety of high-quality raw materials.

We believe that quality begins with responsibility. Therefore, Bio Direct’s R&D is under constant quality assurance supervision, does not use animal testing, and uses materials that are safe for people as well as the environment.


It all starts with chemistry
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We Believe in Uncompromising Quality and Credibility

As a leading production plant in the industry that provides services to international cosmetic companies, we are proud to meet the most stringent quality standards – on route to your own private label

  • Bio Direct has all the services required to develop and manufacture a private label, all under one roof

  • Bio Direct meets all the strictest ISO standards, in Israel and abroad

  • Bio Direct offers a variety of solutions for every stage of development and manufacturing of your private label

  • Bio Direct’s experts work hand in hand with the customers at every step of the way – from the conceptual stage, through to development and manufacturing, and up to branding and distribution